How good are you at doing good? Or maybe, simply, how good are you?

The team competitions at KC Games for Good are based on a unique combination of finesse, flexibility and fun. The goal is to build camaraderie – among your team and the teams you compete with. Oh, yeah, and to carry home a coveted trophy!

The Competitions 

Home Run Derby
Swing big or go home. Back by popular demand - always a crowd favorite - teams will have the chance to swing for the fences using whiffle balls and whiffle bats! Teams earn points by hitting the longest blasts!


Channel your inner Robin Hood as each team attempts to shoot rubber suction cup arrows through targets for points!  The smaller the target, the more points for your team!


Human Foosball

We're putting the game of "table football" back out on the field. One team member serves as "keeper" while the other four take positions on the pole. Points awarded for for goals; penalty kicks if players leave their positions; and, just as in the table version, absolutely no "spinning" allowed!

Lunch Box Jam
One team member prepares a snack (e.g. peanut butter & jelly, hot fudge sundae, etc.) and feeds it to another. The "feeder" is blindfolded and the "eater" can offer verbal suggestions but no physical assistance. Wet wipes are available, if needed.

Stay tuned!!!!  Games are subject to change as event grows…..

But you can go ahead and register now... there’ll be a few extra points for the first 15 teams to sign up and pay!


Register Today!

Two Categories of registration are available:

  • Team Competition  in which teams of up to five people compete
    • Registration: $150 (see link below)
Pay Online
  • Family Competition in which families of up to two adults and three children compete.
    • Registration: Goodwill Donation ($50 suggested)
Family Registration


Team Check-in Time: 11:00am - Noon.; Competition: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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